DESS Aquaculture Shipping

Aqua Maløy

Aqua Havsøy


Ship Technical Properties Aquaculture
Main Dimensions Capacities
Built 2020 Total Cargo Tanks Volume 3900 m3
Length over all 84.40 m Technical Water Buffer 975 m3
Breadth moulded 16.00 m Direct Loading/disharging 600 t/h
Draught, summer 7.30 m Underpressure Loading with Grading/Counting 2x200 t/h
Service Speed 11 kn Vacuum pump loading with Grading/Counting t/h
Accomodation 12 Persons
Fish Handling Systems  
Capacities Closed Circulation 8 x 3000 m3/h
Fuel oil 326 m3 CO2 reactor system 2 x 2000 m3/h
Pot Water 62 m3 Oxygen Generators 2 x 2140 l/min @ 93%
Ballast Water 975 m3 RSW 2 x 1750 kW
Filtration with drum filters + UV 2 x 6300 m3/h
Propulsion Cleaning System Automatic
Main Engine 3 x 1370 kW Desinfection Ozon
Propulsion 2 x 1400 kW Reverse Osmosis Prepared for
Bow Thrusters 2 x 400 kW Mechanical treatment Prepared for
Harbour/Emergency gen. 220 kW Smolt Counter 150.000 pcs/h @ 200gr
Shore power connection 440V, 200A Harvest Capacity pcs/h
Other Features Deck Machinery
Dynamic Positioning   Cranes 3 x 1.7t @ 20m
Large Sheltered Deck Area   Capstans, hydraulic 4 x 5t
ISO Locks for 6 x 20'' containers   Capstans, electric 1 x 5t
Easy access to Sheltered Deck Area   Fish Cage Mooring Winches 2 x 5t
Water fall system for offloading  
Dedicated tanks for cleaner fish  
Smolt counting system and dedicated smolt loading trunks
O2 diffusor hoses for fish pen crowding  
Special Measures to reduce external noise  
Prepared for SkaMik, Hydrolicer etc.